Fairs & Festivals

Raas Mela

Every year Raas Mela is celebrated in honor of Lord Krishna and his eternal love Sri Radhika. The Raas Mela is mainly celebrated in Salema area of Dhalai but these days also observed in different parts of the District. The popular procession called Raas Yatra, is the main attraction for tourists, the yatra features clay models which depicts the deeds and various phases of Lord Krishna’s life. Manipuri community celebrates this festival with greater enthusiasm. Map of Dhalai Tripura. Raas Festival is celebrated in the month of December.

Charak Mela

Charak festival was celebrated on Friday in the rural areas of Tripura, marking new year according to the Bengali Calendar. The festival is dedicated to the Hindu deities Shiva and Sakti and is marked by a strict penance wherein the performers of Charak Puja undergo extreme physical pains and stresses. Charak Puja starts with the fasting period. The devotees keep fasts for one complete month before performing the rituals. During this period the devotees live strictly on fruits and do their daily worship. After a month of fasting and on the day of Charak, a Charak tree is erected. The average height of these is about 15 feet and devotees hangs suspended from hooks, as a symbolic sacrifice to the Hindu deity Shiva. Many others pierce their tongue, body with iron rods or walk on sharp machetes, nails and other pointed objects besides walking over burning charcoal.