Title Date Download/Link
Notification from Collector of Excise 26/06/2019 Download(409 KB)
Alternate File : Download(353 KB)
Notification from Transport Department 06/06/2019 Download(362 KB)
Alternate File : Download(362 KB)
District Disaster Management Plan 2019-20 01/04/2019 Download(3 MB)
District Survey Report, Dhalai 12/12/2018 Download(4 MB)
Guidelines for PMGSY 07/04/2018 Download(719 KB)
Guidelines for MGNREGA 07/04/2018 Download(4 MB)
Guidelines for SWACHH BHARAT MISSION (GRAMIN) 07/04/2018 Download(1 MB)
District Profile of Dhalai District 06/04/2018 Download(3 MB)