Title Date Description Address Download/Link
Character and Antecedents Verification for Individual 23/04/2018 Download(534 KB)
Small Savings Agent’s License (MPKBY) 23/04/2018 Download(425 KB)
Right to Information 23/04/2018 Download(397 KB)
Grievance Redressal 23/04/2018 Download(399 KB)
Gun License Renewal 23/04/2018 Download(318 KB)
Food Stuff License 23/04/2018 Download(334 KB)
Other Backward Caste Certificate – Central Govt 23/04/2018 Download(325 KB)
Other Backward Caste Certificate – State Govt. 23/04/2018 Download(326 KB)
Schedule Caste Certificate 23/04/2018 Download(352 KB)
Schedule Tribe Certificate 23/04/2018 Download(346 KB)